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IMNU scientific research projects obtain 1.4m yuan in funding


Sixty scientific research projects submitted by Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) were recently selected for the list of 2021 Scientific Research Projects of Colleges and Universities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, obtaining a total of 1.40 million yuan ($21,005) in research funding.

Among them are nine key projects in the fields of natural sciences, six projects in humanities and social sciences, 17 general projects in natural sciences and 25 in humanities and social sciences.

IMNU officials said that the projects that made the list cover multiple disciplines such as economics, management, education, literature and geography. This is of great significance for improving the quality level of disciplines at IMNU.

The projects were selected based on the national and autonomous region’s overall plan for medium- and long-term scientific and technological development, and the needs of high-level talent training and the subject layout and development needs of colleges and universities.

The scientific research projects list aims to selectively fund scientific research carried out by colleges and universities and promote high-level scientific research and the cultivation of innovative talents. It also strives to encourage scientific and technological innovation and social and economic development.