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IMNU lauded for national first-class undergraduate course


A course called University Computer, established by Inner Mongolia Normal University for undergraduate students, was recently recognized by the Ministry of Education as a national-level first-class undergraduate course, according to information released from IMNU’s College of Computer Science and Technology.

The course was compiled and is being taught by associate professor Gou Yan from IMNU, based in Hohhot, capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. 

IMNU officials said both practical content and national grade examination-related knowledge feature in the course, to meet all the needs of students who want different computer skills.

The course focuses on cultivating students' computational thinking abilities, improving their practical operations abilities and improving their pass rates at the national computer grade examination.

Meanwhile, the course has begun a version in the Mongolian language, in order to adapt to the learning and reading habits of students in ethnic Mongolian.