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Forum offers platform to discuss Inner Mongolia Study


The 3rd Inner Mongolia Study Forum was held on Sept 19 in Ulaanqab, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.  

The forum was jointly sponsored by the Inner Mongolia Association of Social Science and Inner Mongolia Normal University, and more than 90 attendees showed up for the event. 

Gao Huiguang, president of the association, stated at the forum that the core element of Inner Mongolia is that the region’s different ethnic groups have all contributed to its development. The awareness of this core element is based on the idea of a Chinese national community.  

President Gao added that solidifying the sense of a Chinese national community is fundamental to the development of Inner Mongolia and that ethnic cultures should positively influence each other, developing harmonious ethnic relations in their communities. 

Zhu Xiaojun, vice president of the association, played host to the forum and made a speech titled “The Research Direction of ‘Inner Mongolia Study’ in Modern Times.” 

Based on the principles and characteristics of the “Inner Mongolia Study,” Zhu discussed his opinions on the positioning, potential and ethnic and regional features of the study and stressed the importance of tackling major difficulties with people-orientation solutions. 

Hu Yihua, president of Inner Mongolia Study Society, also hosted the forum and made a thematic speech. 

Fifteen experts and scholars from around China made presentations at the forum, focusing on the topic “‘Inner Mongolia Study’ in Modern Times: Exchange and Mutual Learning.”