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IMNU prof hired to guide aesthetic education in universities


According to information from Inner Mongolia Normal University(IMNU), Chen Hansheng, dean of the Art College of Inner Mongolia Normal University, has been hired as a member of the First National University Aesthetic Education Teaching Guidance Committee .

The National University Aesthetic Education Teaching Guidance Committee is an expert organization engaged and led by the Ministry of Education to guide colleges and universities' aesthetic education and teaching work. 

Its responsibility is to accept the leadership and entrustment of the Ministry of Education to carry out theoretical and practical research on aesthetic education in colleges and universities, to provide consultation opinions and suggestions to the Ministry of Education on college aesthetic education courses, textbook compilation, teaching method reform and teacher team construction.

The committee will also be responsible for developing the basic norms, quality standards and facilities for university aesthetic education, organizing and carrying out training, academic seminars, experience exchanges, performances and international exchanges for aesthetic education teachers.

The committee's other work responsibilities will include participating in the research, supervision and inspection of universities’ aesthetic education.