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IMNU hits new record in thesis awards



The list of the awards winners and their theses from Inner Mongolia Normal University in 2019 [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

The education department of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently announced the results of the selection of outstanding doctoral and master's theses in 2019, local officials said. 

A total of 10 outstanding doctoral dissertations and 90 outstanding master's theses were selected. 

Of these, "The Arrangement and Research of Letters from Almanacists in the Early and Mid-Qing Dynasty", by student Zhao Shunlin from Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU), was rated as an outstanding doctoral dissertation from the autonomous region in 2019 with the ranking of first place.

Another 15 master’s theses from IMNU – including "Research on the Delineation of Urban Growth Boundary Based on Ecological Security Pattern-Taking Hohhot in Inner Mongolia as an Example" by student Feng Yanwei -- were selected as 2019 outstanding master’s theses from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Officials said the total number of outstanding doctoral and master's thesis awards from IMNU’s rank was second among all the universities and colleges in the autonomous region, and the number of awards had hit a record.