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Inner Mongolian teacher training course kicks off at IMNU



Huang Yali, IMNU Party secretary, delivers a speech at the online opening ceremony of the Guopei Program on July 9. [Photo/]

The Guopei Program -- a training course targeting at Inner Mongolia’s teachers -- kicked off on July 9 at Inner Mongolia Normal University in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to IMNU officials.

They said the IMNU was organizing the program and more than 1,200 teachers from kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools in Inner Mongolia’s 12 cities and banners are taking the course in the form of online studies.

Co-hosted by IMNU and the China Teacher Training Network, the training course will run two months. 

Officials said many domestic and foreign heavyweight education experts will be invited to give talks during the course.

They said the Guopei Program is an important measure that was first implemented by the government in 2010, to improve the overall teaching quality of teachers in primary and middle schools, especially teachers in rural areas. 

Since its establishment, it has played an important role in improving the teaching quality of teachers and promoting the balanced development of education in the region.