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IMNU professor joins list of China’s most influential scholars


Professor Man Quan at Inner Mongolia Normal University – located in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has been included in the rankings of the 2020 Chinese literature academics.

That’s according to the Research Report on the Ranking of the Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences – recently announced by the China Research Center for Humanities and Social Science Assessment.

University officials said the assessment is based on the influence of scientific researchers in their academic fields and on their peers, comprehensively measuring the contribution of their academic achievements.

The scholars in the ranking are all academics who have a great influence in papers in various subject areas and are rated by the peers for having very strong scientific research and high levels of competitiveness in their respective disciplines.

Man Quan is a professor, doctoral tutor and dean of the School of Mongolian Studies at Inner Mongolia Normal University. He also serves as vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Federation of Literary and Art Circles and is chairman of the Inner Mongolia Writers Association.

Man has published 16 academic monographs, two textbooks, four poetry collections, and published more than 200 academic papers in Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese. 

Man has won one Mongolian Literary Contribution Award, an National Mongolian Network Literature Award, as well as Outstanding Achievement Awards in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region six times.