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In 2000, the School of Continuing Education at Inner Mongolia Normal University was established jointly with the Inner Mongolia Educational College.

In 2004, the Continuing Education Center for Elementary and Middle-school Teachers in Inner Mongolia autonomous region was attached to IMNU and was co-located with School of Continuing Education.

Directly affiliated with IMNU, the School of Continuing Education is responsible for the management and research of adult education and non-diploma training. It has seven departments, including an administrative office, a correspondence department, a training department and an information center.

Under the leadership of the Department of Education of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and IMNU, the School of Continuing Education plays a vital role in training elementary and middle-school teachers.

Currently, there are 19 faculty members. It has set up around 30 junior colleges and college majors in adult education.

Since 2009, it has cooperated with education bureaus at all levels to hold a series of training projects for more than 70,000 people including teachers and heads of elementary and middle-schools, teaching and research staff and kindergarten principals.

It has established a training team consisting of 500 experienced principals, teachers and accomplished administrators and teaching and research staff. It has also established a number of training bases for principals and teachers at elementary and middle schools.

The School of Continuing Education has seen remarkable achievements in adult education and non-diploma training since its establishment, making substantial contributions to basic and higher education -- as well as to the economic and social development of the region.

During the new period, it will strive to promote the reform and innovation of training systems and management and give full play to the supporting role of continuing education in upgrading the general level and comprehensive strength of IMNU.