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Inner Mongolian food culture book published



The published book : Inner Mongolian Food Culture Research [Photo/gmw.cn]

Inner Mongolian Food Culture Research, an academic book that strives to fully showcase and demonstrate the unique charms of the culinary traditions of the Mongolian ethnic group, was recently published by Qingdao Press, according to local officials.

This book was written by Guo Aiping, a well-known authority in the field in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, who is also an associate professor at the Tourism College of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

The book takes the study of Inner Mongolian food culture as a starting point and the perspective of grasslands culture to investigate the evolution and current trends in food culture in the region.

This book uses seven chapters of content to record and describe the inheritance of Mongolian cuisine and gourmet culture.

The chapters respectively introduces the areas where food is popular, recounts interesting food stories, as well as delving into food craftsmanship, food history, table etiquette, nutrition and health, diet taboos and the innovative development of food.

The author also discusses education and the teaching of regional food culture, as well as the preservation, protection and passing on the culture to future generations.

The publishers said the book embodies the scientific, interesting and knowledgeable characteristics of food culture and is intended to provide a useful reference on the subject.

A critic wrote that its publication will showcase the wonderful world of Inner Mongolian food to the world, reflecting its spirit and shaping its brand.


Guo Aiping, author of Inner Mongolian Food Culture Research [Photo/gmw.cn]