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IMNU launches emergency action plan to head off coronavirus


Inner Mongolia Normal University recently took pre-emptive action -- launching an emergency plan for the prevention and control of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, according to IMNU officials.

They said the Logistics Service Department has actively responded to the university's call and initiated a work mechanism to further control the spread of the epidemic.

Jin Haihua, a staff member of the department, donated 200 disposable medical masks to the university after learning that there was a serious shortage of protective materials in IMNU.

Zhang Chaolian, who is in charge of the bathing center of the Shengle campus, donated 230 disposable face masks to the university, hoping to contribute to the safety of people on the front line in the battle against the epidemic.

The property service contractor of Shengle Campus, Victoria Harbor Property Company, donated 500 disposable medical masks and five infrared thermometers to the university, which greatly eased the shortage of medical supplies.

Meanwhile, the company also supported the Helin County Hospital with a donation of 30,000 yuan ($4,284).

At present, all donated supplies to the university are being distributed by the Logistics Service Department.