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12 IMNU undergraduate majors named among first-class majors


The State Ministry of Education recently issued the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Announcing the List of National and Provincial First-class Undergraduate Construction Sites in 2019. A total of 12 undergraduate majors of Inner Mongolia Normal University made the list. 

Apart from the four national first-class undergraduate majors – preschool education, physical education, minority languages and literature, mathematics and applied mathematics – another eight majors were honored as autonomous region-level first-class undergraduate majors. 

Brief introduction to national first-class undergraduate majors

Physical Education 

The physical education major at IMNU was founded in 1952, the first in minority areas in China. Since 1977, the major has offered bilingual courses in Mongolian and Chinese, and Mongolian classes have been set up separately. 

For more than 60 years, this major has trained more than 5,000 sports professionals for the country. It is one of the oldest undergraduate majors with the largest scale, highest teaching level and biggest number of students. It also attracts most the investment in infrastructure construction. 

In 2019, enrollments in this major accounted for more than 50 percent of enrollments in all sports majors. 

The major has established a multidisciplinary, production-education integration platform to continuously strengthen the quality of graduates. It has also improved the assessment and evaluation mechanism for teachers. 

Preschool Education 

The preschool education major was founded in 1960. It was one of the earliest preschool education majors established in minority areas after the founding of People's Republic of China in 1949. 

It began enrollment of undergraduates in 1984. In 2003, it became the first master's degree in preschool education authorizing point in the region. In 2014, it was approved to become one of the units of the Excellent Kindergarten Teacher Training Project initiated by the State Ministry of Education. 

There are 14 full-time teachers in the preschool education major, among which six have doctoral degrees and seven have master's degrees. 

The teaching staff has participated in the formulation of a series of policies for preschool education in the region, and published 22 papers and nine monographs and teaching materials over the past five years.

Minority Language and Literature 

Founded in 1952, the Minority Language and Literature (Mongolian Language and Literature) major was one of the earliest minority language and literature majors established in ethnic minority areas. 

After more than 60 years of hard work, it has made great progress in professional construction, talent training, scientific research, cultural heritage and social services. It has trained more than 4,000 Mongolian talents. 

It has made outstanding contributions to economic, social and cultural development throughout the country, and has now become a training base for Mongolian language teachers in middle schools. 

In 1981, it was in the first batch of master's degree authorization points in the country. In 2018, it was approved for qualification to grant doctoral degrees, and began to recruit doctoral students in 2019. 

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 

Founded in 1952, IMNU's mathematics major was the earliest mathematics major established in the frontier minority areas. It was also one of the first brand majors in the autonomous region. 

With the goal of cultivating professionals in the fields of mathematics and applied mathematics, it has continued to deepen education and teaching reforms and improve the quality of personnel training. 

It has now become a new type of mathematics major with distinctive ethnic and pedagogical characteristics. 

More than 2,000 high-level mathematics professionals in Mongolian language teaching have graduated from IMNU over the past six decades. 

Members of the teaching staff have published 34 textbooks in Mongolian, covering all core courses of undergraduate mathematics majors, and have won 11 outstanding Mongolian textbook awards at provincial, ministerial and national levels.