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IMNU hires renowned cultural expert


Inner Mongolia Normal University held a meeting to welcome Agulatai as the university's chief consultant of campus culture on Dec 23. 

Zhao Donghai, vice-president of IMNU, announced the university's decision on establishing campus cultural center and hiring Agulatai as chief consultant.

Huang Yali, secretary of IMNU, said that the construction of campus culture is an important factor in the comprehensive management of a university, showcasing the university's charm and characteristics. 

IMNU established a campus culture center and invited Alagutai to offer advice and guidance to further the construction of campus culture. It has been a major step made by the university to encourage cultural innovation. 

Agulatai pledged to make full use of his knowledge and work together with the teachers and students of IMNU to further promote the construction of campus culture. 

Agulatai is a renowned writer, songwriter and academician who enjoys special allowances from the State Council. He was the chief writer for the ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 14th National Winter Games. 

After graduated from Northeast Normal University in 1982, the professor held positions at Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner Mongolia People's Publishing House, and Inner Mongolia Youth Media Center. 

He is also a well-known Mongolian poet and artist and cultural scholar. He has published 15 poems and a number of dramas.

图片12.bmp  Huang Yali (left), secretary of IMNU, warmly welcomes Agulatai to join IMNU.[Photo/IMNU]

图片13.bmpInner Mongolia Normal University holds a meeting to welcome Agulatai as the university's chief consultant of campus culture on Dec 23. [Photo/IMNU]