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Party committee secretary visits IMNU


Bu Xiaolin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, visited Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on March 31. 

Accompanied by Huang Yali, secretary of IMNU's Party committee, Yun Guohong, president of IMNU, and vice-presidents Zhang Haifeng, Liu Jiuwan, Zhao Donghai, Wang Laixi, Bu inspected key laboratories and schools at the university. 

Bu urged the university to further the construction of a "double first-class" university and strive to bring higher education in Inner Mongolia to a higher level. 

IMNU officials explained the university's development history, discipline construction, talent training and teaching staff to the secretary. 

Bu affirmed the achievements made by IMNU in the development of teaching methods and scientific research. 

She pointed out that IMNU has obvious advantages in such subjects as geographic mapping, remote sensing, Mongolian plateau environmental protection, functional material physics, music education and design art. 

"The university must strengthen its basic research and scientific innovations to take the initiative in meeting major national and local strategic needs, and actively participate in the construction of major scientific and technological innovation bases in the region,” Bu said. 

She emphasized the importance of education in innovation and entrepreneurship, saying that universities should focus on improving students' comprehensive abilities and cultivating innovative talents. 

Bu Xiaolin also said she hoped that the school can give full play to the advantages of the discipline of Mongolian language, further promote the learning and use of Mongolian, and play a greater role in promoting the standardization of the language.

F2ED706CD740DF8990D7878BDE1_14AA3425_55613.jpgBu Xiaolin (2nd left), deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, visits Inner Mongolia Normal University, March 31. [Photo/IMNU]