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IMNU students assist Sino-Japanese exchanges activities



An IMNU teacher (left) acts as translator for a representative of a delegation from Japan's Kansai region at the welcome banquet for Sino-Japanese exchange activities in Hohhot, the capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on May 4. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Led by a teacher, six students from Inner Mongolia Normal University successfully assisted in a series of exchanges activities between the region and a delegation from Japan's Kansai region on May 4-8.

The teacher acted as an on-site translator for the Japanese delegation at the welcome banquet. Student volunteers played an important role in the preparation of the activity manual, the event's reception, check-in assistance, managing the event and acting as guides during excursions.

This volunteer activity is expected to improve the practical translation ability of the students at IMNU's Department of Japanese and also contribute to cultural exchanges between Inner Mongolia and Japan.

The exchange activities lasted for five days. The Japanese delegation visited four cities including Hohhot, Ulaanqab, Baotou and Ordos, five companies and three leading attractions.