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Notice to apply for 2019-2020 State Grants in Inner Mongolia Normal University


Policy basis

The National Inspirational Scholarship and the State Grants are selected according to the Measures for the Administration of Student and Interim Measures for the Administration of National Inspirational Scholarship and the State Grants for Inner Mongolia Normal University

Application process 

Individual application: all qualified students should fill out the “National Inspirational Scholarship Application Form and the State Grants Application Form” and apply to the college.

Each class conducts democratic appraisal and selects qualified candidates according to the requirements in the notice, determines the name list and reports the result to the Student Support Work Group for review. Class teachers and counselors must personally participate in the evaluation of the class. 

College approval: the College Student Financial Support Group will determine the list. Students on the list shall then log onto the Student Management Information System (http://jzd.imnu.edu.cn) and click on the National Inspirational Scholarship or the State Grants Application, fill in relevant information and submit it. The list will be publicized for three days in the college. If there is no objection, the college will complete the college approval phase in the student management information system. 

University publicity: Following the review of the Work-study Management Department of the Ministry of Education (Student Work Department), the application will be publicized on the homepage of the campus’s official website for five days. 

After the publicity phase, it will be reported to the university's Student Support Work Group for approval. 

Time schedule 

1. Individual application, class democratic appraisal and college approval and university publicity is scheduled to be held on October 11-24, 2019. 

2. The university approves and publicizes the time after October 24. 

Materials submission 

After the review, colleges will submit the assessment report on the National Inspirational Scholarship, assessment report on the State Grants, and the candidate list (with the official seal of the college and signature of the leader of the Student's Work Department). The assessment report includes: policy basis, review procedures, grade division, quota allocation, publicity and review results. If the assessment materials are not submitted or are not judged according to the evaluation criteria, the university will not approve them. 

The selection work shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Interim Measures for the Management of National Inspirational Scholarships and National Scholarships for Inner Mongolia Normal University. IMNU will adhere to the principles of "openness, fairness and impartiality" and standardize the procedures, strengthen supervision and carefully organize the review work. 

According to the requirements of the relevant documents of the State Ministry of Finance and the Sate Ministry of Education, this year's grant will be increased to 3,300 yuan ($466) per person.