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Notice of application and evaluation for 2018-2019 National Scholarship in Inner Mongolia Normal University


Policy basis

The evaluation procedure for the 2018-2019 National Scholarship to Inner Mongolia Normal University is conducted in accordance with following polices: Student Funding Management Measures, National Scholarship Evaluation Method for Undergraduate Students and National Scholarship Selection Method for Inner Mongolia Normal University.

Time schedule 

1. Application 

All qualified sophomore, junior and senior full-time undergraduate and junior college students should fill out the "National Scholarship Application Approval Form" (in duplicate)  and apply to the college. 

2. Preliminary review phase 

Each college will carefully review and decide the lists of students to be recommended by October 18, 2019. 

3. Publicity phase 

Each college will publish the proposed lists for three days. 

Each school will review the proposed lists after the college's designated publicity period. After the review, it will be publicized for five days in the university.

4. Materials submission 

(1) Paper version: the original “National Scholarship Application Approval Form” in duplicate (A4 double-sided printing), and the original “First-instance List of National Scholarships for General Colleges and Universities”. 

All colleges must submit materials to the Department of Work and Management (Student's Office) Work-Study Management Division (A309, Shengle Campus Student Affairs Center) by October 18, 2019. 

(2) Electronic version: each college will send the “Preliminary Evaluation List of National Scholarships for Colleges and Universities” to xshc@imnu.edu.cn. 

Format requirements 

1. Fill in the "National Scholarship Application Approval Form" in accordance with the official instructions. 

2. The paper version of the “National Scholarship Application Approval Form” must be printed. The names of the students, class teachers and department leaders must be signed. The approval form should be printed on double-sided A4 paper. The number of pages cannot be added arbitrarily. 

3. The “Basic Information” and “Reason for Application” columns on the form will be filled out by the students themselves. All other items must be completed by the college and relevant departments. 

4. The “Reason for Application” column on the form should be fully detailed and can accurately reflect the basic situation of the students' academic performance, social practice abilities, innovation abilities and comprehensive quality. The number of words should be about 200 words.

5. The “Recommendations” column on the form should be concise and the number of words should be around 100 words. The referee must be the counselor or class teacher of the student. Others have no right to recommend any candidates. 

6. The “Public Opinions” column on the form shall be filled in by the leader of the college. Recommendations or signatures shall not be written by others and the official seal of the college shall be added. 

7. The original "National Scholarship Application Approval Form" original document will be handed in. No copies will be allowed. 

8. The language used on the form is required to be fluent, the expression shall be clear, with no typos, multi-words or missing words. The date of application, the date of publication, the date of signing of the opinion of the class teacher and the date of signing the opinion of the department should not be the same day.