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Students' teaching skills tested at IMNU ​



Attendees at the third Inner Mongolia competition testing university students' teaching skills held at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU), Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Oct 28 [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

The third Inner Mongolia competition testing university students' teaching skills was held at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region from Oct 26 to 29.

Undertaken by IMNU, the four-day competition attracted the participation of 60 instructors and 112 students from seven universities in Inner Mongolia.

The competition was divided into 11 sub-competitions according to different subjects. Furthermore, 33 senior teachers were hired from the middle school and the autonomous region's teaching and research sections to form a jury, and to help guarantee the fairness of the competition.

Compared with previous competitions, this competition included written examinations as well as interviews, with the aim of testing a contestant's subject knowledge and teaching skills. Following careful evaluation by the jury, it was decided to award several candidates for their performance.

The Inner Mongolia competition testing university students' teaching skills has been held for the past three years and aims to promote teaching skills at universities across the autonomous region.


A participating student demonstrates her teaching skills to the jury at the competition held at IMNU, Oct 28. [Photo/ imnu.edu.cn]


Students honored for their teaching skills show off their award certificates, Oct 29. [Photo/ imnu.edu.cn]