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Mingde Award announced in IMNU



Students showcase their certificates of Mingde Award during the ceremony at IMNU on June 22. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

A total of 239 students were awarded with Mingde Scholarship during the ceremony at Shengle campus in Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on June 20.

The ceremony also announced the winner of the Mingde Award. Three teachers at IMNU including Shi Chunfeng received the award.

Gao Yunfeng, deputy secretary of Party committee at IMNU and Liu Jiuwan, vice-president of IMNU attended the ceremony.

“Universities are places that educate and develop people. We hope our students can pursue their dreams and maintain courageous in face of difficulties,” said Liu during the ceremony.

Mingde scholarship was established by Zhong Hande, prominent Hong Kong philanthropist to encourage and support excellent students and teachers at normal universities in the country.

So far, the scholarship has been sent to more than 21,000 students and teachers from 18 universities across the nation. The establishment has made great contributions to the development of basic and higher education in China.

According to statics, 1079 students and nine teachers at IMNU have received the scholarships and the awards respectively.