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Vice-president of State University of Education visits IMNU



The Vice-president of the Mongolian State University of Education and Zhang Haifeng, vice-president of IMNU [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Tamir, vice-president of the Mongolian State University of Education (MSUE) visited Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on April 12.

IMNU vice-president Zhang Haifeng met with the delegation.

The two sides agreed to further cooperation on personnel training and cultural exchanges.

According to Zhang, IMNU will strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with MSUE.

“The meeting will promote the common development of the two universities,” said Tamir during the meeting.

IMNU established partnerships with MSUE in 1988. Over the past three years it has invested more than 3 million yuan ($477,539) in 40 Sino-Mongolian science and technology projects, which were mainly initiated by MSUE.


Zhang Haifeng (middle) speaks at the ceremony on April 12. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]


Leaders from IMNU and MSUE pose for a photo during the ceremony on April 12. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]