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IMNU builds partnership with Ulan Muqir art troupe



A launch ceremony to celebrate an agreement between Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) and the Ulan Art Troupe from Xianghuang Banner is held at IMNU on March 9. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) has joined forces with an art troupe from Xianghuang Banner, Xiliin Gol League, according to an announcement made at a launch ceremony held on March 9.

The art troupe from Xianghuang Banner, established in 1958, is one of the top 10 Ulan Muqir art troupes in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

According to IMNU, its College of Music will organize short-term and medium-term training for singing, music, dancing and composition for members of the troupe. The university also aims to train new talent for the group, with the goal of improving the quality of the group's performances.

In return, the art troupe will offer real-life opportunities for students at IMNU to practice the skills they have acquired at the university.

During the launch ceremony, the art troupe staged a performance, offering the audience a glimpse of some of their talents.

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