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Foreign students celebrate International Women's Day in IMNU



A foreign student learns the skill of cloth-paste painting, one of the ancient Chinese handicrafts that combines traditional Chinese embroidery, paper-cutting, and painting at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on March 8. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Foreign students from Thailand, Belarus, Brazil, Mongolia, Togo, and Myanmar marked International Women's Day by learning the skills of intangible cultural heritages at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on March 8. The event was organized by the Development Research Center of the Cultural Industry, the Association of Social Science and the Center for the Study of Women of the university. Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage were invited to teach the skills of paper-cutting and cloth-paste painting, among others.


Yue Peiying (third from right) teaches the skill of beading-formed works at IMNU on March 8. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Li Chunhui, deputy director from the Office of Teaching Affairs, Lian Xin and Wang Jinli, professors at IMNU, and members of the university and the Center for the Study of Women attended the event. At the beginning of the event, professor Lian Xin sent her best wishes to the students and staff members. Professor Wang Jianyi said that it’s meaningful to bring these cultural treasures into universities. She suggested that the university should open courses about regional, intangible, cultural heritages, and organize more activities to promote them and attract more students to enjoy the charm of these heritages. During the event, Li Chunhui promised to promote intangible cultural heritages across the campus by including them into general education.

It is reported that IMNU's Development Research Center of the Cultural Industry has established a club of intangible cultural heritages, leading the way of promoting the heritages among regional universities.


Foreign students celebrate the International Women's Day at IMNU on March 8. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]