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IMNU professor wins national recognition



Professor Man Quan at Inner Mongolia Normal University. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) Professor Man Quan was recently included on a list of “cultural celebrities” who have made outstanding contributions to social science. The list was  published by the national publicity authorities.

Professor Man, from the School of Mongolian Studies at IMNU, became one of four cultural celebrities in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the only one at IMNU to have received such an honor.

Following a series of examination procedures, 398 talents have been included on the list, most of them from media organizations, universities and research institutions.

Man Quan, of Mongolian ethnicity, was born in Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia, in October 1967. He graduated from IMNU in 2001, with a doctoral degree in literature, and is now a masters supervisor and the director of IMNU’s Department of Mongolian Language and Literature. His research interests include Mongolian literature, theory of literature, and art and ethnic culture.

Professor Man was elected as chairman of the Inner Mongolia Writers Association in 2016.