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Chinese Government Scholarship Program Notice to International Students Enrolling to Study in Inner Mongolia Normal University Under Chinese Government Scholarship


Chinese Government Scholarship Program Notice to International Students Enrolling to Study in Inner Mongolia Normal University Under Chinese Government Scholarship 

The enrollment details are as follows: 
I Categories of Enrollment and Time Period of Scholarship  

Prospective students 

Duration of specialized study 

Duration of Chinese language   study 

Duration of scholarship 

Master’s students 

3 years 

1-2 years

4 years 

Doctor’s students

3-4 years 

1-2 years

4-5 years 

II Eligibility requirements 

1.  Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health 

2.  Applicants must not be enrolled in any other Chinese university

3.  Educational background and age limit: 
- Applicants for master's degree studies must have a bachelor's degree and be under age 35 
- Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master's degree and be under age 40 

III The Scholarship includes- 
1. Exemption from registration fees, tuition, laboratory fees, internship fees, and fees for basic learning materials and accommodation on campus. Master's degree students will be provided with a two-person bedroom and doctoral degree students will be provided with a one-person bedroom. Each room of the dormitory is equipped with internet service, and furnished with a TV, bed, wardrobe, desk and bedding set. There are shared kitchens, toilets and bathrooms on every floor of the dormitory. The students' family members are not allowed to stay at the dormitory. 
2.  Monthly living allowance: 
1) Master's degree students:  CNY 3,000/month 
2) Doctoral degree students: CNY 3,500/ month 
3). Fees for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and coverage under a Benefit Plan for International students in China 
1. Laboratory or intern costs beyond the university's arrangements must be covered by the students. 
2. Scholarship students shall receive their monthly living allowance from the date of registration. New students who register on or before the 15th of the registration month will receive the full amount of the living allowance for the month and those who register after the 15th will get half of the full amount. The monthly living allowance covers school holidays. Scholarship students who don't receive the monthly living allowance during holidays can receive it upon their return to campus. The monthly living allowance of the scholarship students will be suspended if the students don't register on time without permission from the university, or leave for non-health reasons, or are absent from the university for more than a month. 
Students who have to suspend their studies because of serious illness or pregnancy must return to their home country at their own expense. With the university's approval, the scholarship status and the living allowances can be reserved for at most one year. The scholarship will be terminated for those who suspend their studies for any other reason. 
3. Outpatient service medical treatment: students in the school hospital or a school designated hospital must pay a certain percentage of the outpatient fee after medical treatment in accordance with school regulations. 
4. The medical insurance for the foreign students who receive a Chinese Government Scholarship is a comprehensive medical insurance provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The insurance is mainly used for students in hospital for a serious illness or injury. These claims will be handled in accordance with the Chinese government insurance policy. The insurance company does not accept individual claims disputes. 
5. International traveling expenses: the students must cover their own international travel expenses. 
VI. Application and Notification 
An applicant should register online between January 10 and April 10, and then send a hard copy of the application to the school no later than April 10. 
Home Page for registry: 
Agency number: 10135 
Website of International Exchange College, Inner Mongolia Normal University: 
Address:  No. 81 Zhaowuda Road, Saihan District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China
International Exchange College, Inner Mongolia Normal University Zip code: 010022 
Contact:  Zhao Chunlei, Wang Xiaofang 
Telephone: 0086-471-4392007 (office)    0086-471-4310116 (office)
Mobil phone:086-18604718188 (Zhao Chunlei)  0086-(13171412677(Wang Xiaofang)
V. Application Materials 
The applicants must accurately fill out and provide the following materials (please send two copies of all application documents). 
1. Application for Chinese Government Scholarship (printed by CSC), completed in Chinese or in English. It can be downloaded from the website of the China Scholarship Council.  
2. Diploma for the highest degree (notarized photocopies). If applicants are college students or currently employed, they shall also provide proof of study or employment. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must attach notarized translations in Chinese or English. 
3. Transcript of record (notarized copies). Transcript record other than Chinese or English must attach notarized translations in Chinese or English. 
4. A study or research plan in Chinese or in English (no less than 800 words) is required. 
5. Applicants for a master's and doctoral degree are requested to submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or in English from professors or associate professors. 
6. Applicants under 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians in China. 
7. Applicants for music and art study are requested to submit their work CD-ROM; an Arts students' work CD must include two sketches, two color paintings and two other works. 
8. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (please fill out in English and keep your original form; this form is provided by the Chinese quarantine authority and can be downloaded from the website of The China Scholarship Council). The medical examination must cover all items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicant are invalid. The results of medical examinations are valid for 6 months. 
9. Photocopy of your Passport. 
10. Choose among the majors listed in the "Major Categories of Doctoral Degrees in Inner Mongolia Normal University" and the "Major Categories of Master's Degrees in Inner Mongolia Normal University" 
VI. List of enrollment majors of Inner Mongolia Normal University for Master and Doctoral degree.


Name of College

Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Doctor’s Degree

College of Law and Politics

Political management

Logic studies
Ethics studies
Scientific and technological philosophy

College of Economics

Human resources management
Rural regional development

Population, resource and   environmental economic studies
Regional economic studies
Minority economics in China

Tianjiabing College of Education

Theory of education science

College of Physical Education

Physical education
Sports training
Social sports

P. E. training
National traditional sports
Sports training

College of Chinese Liberal Arts

Chinese language and   literature
News science

Literary theory
Linguistics and applied linguistics
Chinese characters studies
Chinese classical literature
Chinese modern literature
Comparative literature and world literature
International Chinese language education

College of Society and Social Customs

Social studies
Folklore and anthropology

Religious studies
Social studies
Folklore studies
Social work

College of Mongolian Studies

Mongolian language and literature

Bilingual studies(Mongolian,   Chinese)


Minority ethnic group history
Literary theory
Linguistics and applied linguistics
Classical literature
Chinese modern literature
Minority ethnic group literature
World literature and comparative literature
Historical literature
  Specialized history

College of Foreign Languages

Business English

Russian literature
Foreign linguistics and applied linguistics

College of Music

Music performance
Composition and composition theory
Ethnic music

Minority ethnic group music

Music studies

College of Fine Art

Art education
Graphic design
Environmental art design
Industrial design


Art design

College of International   Modern Design Art

Visual express design
Interior design
Public design art
Media design
Costume design

Design art

College of History and Culture

Museum science
Culture industry management

Minority ethnic group history
Historical literature
Specialized history
Chinese modern history

College of Mathematical   Science

Mathematics and applied math
Information and computer studies

Basic mathematics
Operations research and control theory

College of Geographical   Science

Land resource management
Resource environment and urban-rural regulation
Urban regulation
Geographical information system
Surveying and mapping engineering

Natural geography
Human geography
Map and geography information system
Land resource management

Institute for the History of   Science and Technology

History of science and technology

History of math
History of technology
History of education technology
History of science

College of Bio-science and   Technology




College of Media

Education technology
TV & broadcasting design
Digital media technique

Education technique

College of Physics and Electronic Information

Electronic information engineering
Electronic information science and technology

Theoretical physics
Condensed matter physics


College of Chemistry and   Environmental Science

Environmental science
Material chemistry

Inorganic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Environmental science
Material physics and chemistry

College of Computer and   Information Engineering

Computer science and technology
Information management and information system
Communication engineering

Applied computer technology

Institute for Sculpture Art

Visual express design
Interior design
Public design arts
Media design
Costume design

Sculpture art

College of Public Management

Business admission

Public service   administration

Administrative management
Land resource management
Education economy and management
Ethnic affairs management
Ethnic human resource exploration and management
Public economy
Public administration (MPA)

College of Marxism

Political science and   administration

Marxist basic theory
Chinese modern issue research

College of Educational   Science

Psychology (Chinese, Mongolian)

Education (Chinese,   Mongolian)

Preschool education

Curriculum and pedagogy
Preschool education
Basic psychology
Developmental and educational psychology
Applied psychology
Educational economy and management


College of Tourism

Tourism management
Hotel management
Tour guide and travel agency management
Air crew management 

Ethnic tourism