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Chinese and Mongolian students paintings displayed



An exhibition focusing on paintings created by Chinese and Mongolian teachers and students was held at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) on Sept 13.


One hundred and fourteen paintings were exhibited. Forty-one pieces of work were created by Mongolian students, while the rest of the paintings were created by IMNU teachers and students.

The exhibition was part of the 2017 Silk Road International Naadam Festival hosted by IMNU and also an activity for the 2nd China-Mongolia Expo.


Uyanga, director of the coordination office of the expo, and Yun Guohong, president of IMNU, attended the exhibition.

The exhibition is an important event for the 2017 Silk Road International Naadam Festival, with the purpose of promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries, Yun said.

Uyanga said that the expo strengthens exchanges in politics, culture and art between China and Mongolia, and expressed hope that similar activities would be held in the future.


This is the second exhibition held by IMNU this month, following the Tuo Musi oil painting exhibition on Sept 10.