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Catering and Residence


The Saihan Logistics Service Group Student Apartment Management Center as of now has nine student apartments, of which No 3 and No 8 apartments mainly accommodate international students. Each room of the apartment is distributed to one doctorate student or two postgraduate students or four graduate students. The apartments can house a total of 300 international students.

The apartments provide shared kitchens and laundry rooms. Each room is equipped with a desk, bookshelf, TV, shower and other facilities. In addition, to better serve the students, the center is staffed with members who can speak both Mongolian and Chinese.

The catering service center upholds the goal of serving for the health of the students. Measures have been taken to optimize the management structure to satisfy students' fundamental dietary needs and develop distinctive projects at the same time. The canteen contains four main dining rooms and a Halal restaurant, as well as various restaurants providing specialty food such as Mongolian food and fast food. With so many options and a reasonably balanced diet, the canteen meets the different dietary requirements of the students.

The center organizes regular exchange activities for the students, including cooperating with the International Exchange Institute to invite students to the canteen and learn about the cooking process, and holding a themed activity to help international students experience traditional Chinese cooking culture.